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IPL is a kind of high-tech beauty treatment method that is fashionable throughout the world, and it applies the intense pulse light of broad spectrum to irradiate skin, and acts on the surface skin and vein as well as deeper skin and vein, thus achieves the purpose of beauty treatment. Particularly it takes prominent effects to the benign pathological changes of vein, the pathological changes of chromatophore and wrinkle removal.

Our latest model TSG-1 intense pulsed light system is featured in the newest international technology , which is not only excellent in the effective of treatment, but also guarantees the safety of patients to the utmost extend.

Each unit has 4 interchangeable heads for treatment, and each of them has been
optimized aiming at the particular application area, mainly used for skin rejuvenation,
hair removal, vascular treatment, acne treatment procedures.



Lightweight, compact and portable table-top design
High versatility
Friendly operation system


1. Hair Removal
    Unwanted body hair removal.
2. Skin Rejuvenation
     Heat spot, sun burn, aging pigment, dark chloasma and avoid pigmentation.
3. Vascular Treatment.
4. Acne Treatment


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