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"Gold Standard" for permanent hair removal.
New high powerful 800W 808nm diode laser hair removal developed by SWOT.
TM-1 Virtually Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal process works by safely and gently heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicle and prevents re-growth, yet does not injure the surrounding skin.
TM-1 uses 810nm diode laser technology, the gold standard in laser hair removal, it’s energy penetrates deep into the dermis (where the hair follicle is located) with high average power and the widely optional pulse duration (40 to 400ms) of 808nm diode laser system can produce thermal damage in hair matrix stem cells and ensure follicular destruction.
In order to minimize the uncomfortable of thermal damage to surrounding skin cells, an efficient skin-cooling system (Sapphire surface contact cooling tip) is used to chill the skin during treatment period. Therefore, 808nm diode laser has better effectiveness for hair removal in patients with dark skin.



 • Fast speed, painless
 • Works with all skin types
 • No harm, no side effect.
 • Less down time, lasting results


 • Faster body hair removal


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