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SWOT has more than 10 years experience in producing diode laser system, widely used in dentistry, physiotherapy, podiatry, ENT, etc. We're providing most appropriate solution for our clients to meet all their different requirement.
This product is designed for customer’s diverse and special needs, we can provide OEM services to produce the unique equipment when the customer require a custom design. The power of the equipment is flexible from milliwatt level up to 30W. All of these can be adjusted on the basis of customer demands.
High standard research& development and design, high-level production process ensure the high quality of the products. With the equipment the patients can suffer a precise operation with low-trauma, low-pain, low-bleeding, low-risk, etc.


Dentistry  • Gingivoplasty 
 • Implant recovery
 • Gingivectomy

 • Frenectomy
 • Hemostasis
 • Soft Tissue crown lengthening
ENT  • Accessory auricle
 • Tumors of the inner ear
 • Myringotomy
 • Nasal polyp, rhinitis
 • Sinus surgery
 • Tonsillotomy
 • Glossectomy
 • Vocal cord polyps
Podiatry  • Unsightly Toenails
 • Plantar Fasciitis/Fasciotomy
 • Neuropathies
 • Inflammation
 • Tissue Healing
 • Sports Injuries
 • Sprains and Strains
Varicose Veins   • Aching,heavy and uncomfortable legs
 • Swollen feet and ankles
 • Muscle cramp in legs
 • Dry skin and color changes in the lower leg
 • Powered from Milliwatt level to 30W, custom design
 • Flexible Delivery System
 • Carried by Handle
 • Hand piece holder
 • Remote Interlock Connector
 • Ventilation Channels


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