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Radio Frequency or RF treatment which RF energy introduce fractional thermal into the deep dermis and create potential healing effects in the microscopic thermal zones, benefited by the fractional feature, RF penetrates epidermis and reaches deep dermis, this leads to subsequent contraction of the collagen tissue, and the loose skin and wrinkle parts is tightened. The thermal effect speeds up collagen re-growth, and gain a long-term effect.
The RF device uniformly disperses the energy to three-dimensional volumes of tissue at controllable depths, and the RF energy can cover whole treated area averagely, this precise and stable delivery minimizes treatment time and epidermal, dermal damage so that it can reduces pains and effects, clients will feel more comfortable during treatment.

Advantages of RF Fractional CO2 Laser:
 •  High-efficiency TEM00 Laser Mode Structure
 •  Good stability, Long life and Light-weight
 •  Air-cooling, without water replacement


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